Application of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic (AEM) to Map, Interpret, and Integrate Hydrogeologic Resources

סמינר מיוחד - Dr. Ted Asch, Aqua Geo Frameworks, LLC

Dr. Asch will initially review the fundamentals of time-domain electromagnetic exploration and its deployment on a helicopter platform including acquisition instrumentation (GPS, tilt, data density) and flight planning (flight lines and pre-survey forward and inverse modeling for target sensitivity). This will be followed by several case studies on the use of AEM to map geology (maximum depth of investigation of about 500 m), delineate aquifer material (non-, principal-, and coarse grained), and identify aquifer resource, recharge, and potential drilling locations. Sites presented will include recent investigations in Nebraska (10,000 line-km for geology, aquifer material), California (about 3,000 line-km at Owens Lake - geology and water resources; Central Valley - recharge areas and drilling locations; and Monterey – mapping fresh water zones and  salt water intrusion), and southern Florida (salt water intrusion). The presentation will conclude with preliminary flight plans for investigating the sinkhole areas around the Dead Sea.


תאריך 21/11/2016 10:30 12:00
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