Developing scenarios for natural disasters in FEMA today and tomorrow

סמינר מיוחד - Jesse Rozelle, FEMA (Region VIII), Denver Colorado

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ביום רביעי 7.12 תהיה לנו הזדמנות מיוחדת לשמוע ולראות כיצד הסוכנות האמריקנית לחירום מטפלת  באסונות טבע בזמן אמת תוך שימוש בתכנת התרחישים הזוס.

הציבור מוזמן

Jesse has worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency since 2007 as FEMA GIS coordinator and one of the team leads of the FEMA MOTF (Modeling Task Force). Jesse is specialized in geospatial risk assessments, predictive analytics for emergency management, impact modelling, natural hazard and disaster response.

Jesse will review how FEMA responds during natural disasters ("real time") using the advanced software HAZUS with some examples of real events. In the end Jesse will talk about the future advancements to come in developing and implementing scenario analysis models over the next five years.


תאריך 7/12/2016 10:30 12:00
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