Salt Tectonics – A short course 9:00-15:00

Salt Tectonics – A short course

Janos Urai, Professor of Structural Geology,

Tectonics and Geomechanics

RWTH Aachen University


19 November, 2018, 9:00-15:00

Geological Survey of Israel


9:00-10:00       Salt deformation mechanisms and rheology – Part I

10:00-10:30     Coffee break

10:30-11:00     Salt deformation mechanisms and rheology – Part II

11:00-12:00     Interactions of overburden deformation and salt flow

12:00-13:00     Lunch

13:00-14:00     Internal Structure of salt and why it matters

14:00-14:15     Coffee break

14:15-15:00     Fluid Flow and Seal capacity in salt


Janos’ topics of interest and websites

Micro- and mesoscale processes of rock deformation in the presence of fluids, investigated by field, laboratory and numerical methods. Salt tectonics, evolution of salt structures; deformation mechanisms and fluid flow in evaporite rocks; structure of mobile grain boundaries in the presence of a fluid phase; nanoscale morphology of the pore space in fine grained rocks; sealing of fractures and crystal growth in fractured rock.

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