Anonymous GSI-Publications-1975-1980-GSI-Curr-Res-1-1980

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980

Current Research-volume 1

Edited by Ron Bogoch

Diagenesis Epigenesis of the Middle Upper Jurassic Section in the Ashdod Gan Yavne Area

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Laura G. Buchbinder

Estimating Discharge Frequency in Arid Gravel Streams Using Hydraulic Geometry and Grain Size Distribution

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Ze'ev B. Begin and Moshe Inbar

Genetic Models for the Precambrian Tarr Albitite Complex, Southeastern Sinai

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Ron Bogoch

Geological Mapping for the Purpose of Land Use Planning along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Nathan Bakler, Ya'acov Nir and Ithamar Perath

Geology of the Areif Batur Line Ma'ale Hameishar Zone

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Gideon Bar

Geology of the Southern Hebron Mountains

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Aryeb Gilat

Geology Regional Stratigraphy

Y. Bartov, Y. Arkin, Z. Lewy, Y. Mimran

Gill Synopsis of the Israel Well Data System

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Dan Gill

Initial Results and Potential of an Israeli Palynology Program

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Harold L. Cousmiller and Brian H. Conway

Lead Contamination of Soils and Roadside Vegetation at Selected Sites in Israel:Preliminary Survey

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Henry A. F oner, Irene Gal and Eliahu Zohar

Mineral Condensation from the Solar System

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Mira Bar-Matthews

pH and Eh Changes in Marginal Pools of the Red Sea:Their Effect on Carbonate Fractionation

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Henry A. Foner and Gerald M. Friedman

Potential Tertiary Source Rocks in the Israeli Coastal Plain and the Gulf of Suez:A Comparison

Amos Bein and Ora Amit

Regional Stratigraphy of Israel:A Guide to Geological Mapping

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Yosef Bartov, Ya'acov Arkin, Ze'ev Lewy and Ya'acov Mimran

Resource Evaluation using Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance Data

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Michael Beytb and Carlotta McInteer

Stability of Continental Shelf Slopes Under Earthquake Loading Conditions

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Gideon Almagor, Shmuel Frydman and Gedalyah Wiseman

The Continental Margin of Northern Israel

GSI/Curr Res/1/1980
Zvi Garfunkel and Gideon Almagor
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