Geochemistry Of Dead Sea

High-resolution inter-basin chronology of Holocene paleoseismic events at the Dead Sea Basin by a Bayesian radiocarbon deposition model

Elisa Kagan, Mordechai Stein, Amotz Agnon,
Frank Neumann, Christopher Bronk Ramsey

The last termination at the Dead Sea basin: Catastrophic aridities salt deposition and human culture development

M. Stein, A. Torfstein,
I. Gavrieli, Y. Yechieli

The carbon system in saline groundwater in the Dead Sea area

Authors: Naama Avrahamov, Orit Sivan, Boaz Lazar,
Omer Levenberg, Yoseph Yechieli

U-Th and &18 0 dating of a mid-Pleistocene lacustrine sequence:The Amora Formation Dead Sea Basin, Israel

M. Stein, A. Torfstein, A. Haase-Schramm,
N. Waldmann, Y. Kolodny
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