Tectonic&Microtectonic Research

Late Neoproterozoic rise and fall of the northern Arabian-Nubian Shield: The role of lithospheric mantle delamination and subsequent thermal subsidence

Dov Avigad, Zohar Gvirtzman

Evaluation of rockfall hazard and risk to Qiryat-Shemona (northern Israel) – possible correlation to earthquakes

Kanari M., Katz O., Porat N., Weinberger R., Marco S.

Brittle Deformation and Damage-Induced Seismic Wave Anisotropy in Rocks

Yariv Hamiel, Vladimir Lyakhovsky, Sergei Stanchits,
Georg Dresen, Yehuda Ben-Zion

Flowstone In Open Fractures With Regard To The Tectonics Of The Dead Sea-Jordan River Rift Valley

Authors: Yaakov Arkin, Elisa Kagan, Eli Ram
Mira Bar Matthews, Avner Ayalon,

Detailed morphostratigraphy analysis as a key to reconstruction of uplift and paleogeography – a case study from the Judea Mountains

O. Bar, E. Zilberman,
Z. Gvirtzman, S. Feinstein

Reactivation of the Levant passive margin during the late Tertiary and formation of the Jaffa Basin offshore central Israe

Zohar Gvirtzman and Ezra Zilberman

Is The Carmel Fault Active?

Ariel Heimann, Baer G., Gluck D., Frieslander U.,
Greenbaum N., Nof R., Shamir G., Zilberman E.

Earthquake Related Faults And Slides Associated With Dead Sea Transform

Arkin Y., Amit R., Shamir G.

Uplifted and tilted Yotvata Sabkha, Arava Valley Israel

Yaakov Arkin, Arnon Karnieli, John K. Hall,
Jean Chorowitz, Jules Fleury, Francesco Sarti
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