Remote Sensing

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing as a Tool for Geological Exploration - Examples from the Northern Danakil Depression, Eritrea

Gersman Ronen, Beyth Michael, Ben-Dor Eyal,
Avigad Dov, Abraha Michael

Remote sensing of the Dead Sea surface temperature

Nehorai R, Lensky IM, Lensky NG, Shif S

The Dead Sea's Surface Temperature: Observation from Satellites and a Buoy

Authors: Lensky NG, Nehorai R, Shif S,
Lensky IM, Gertman I, Gavrieli I

Coherence And Interferometric Images in Geologic Interpretation:An Example From Jordan Valley

Yacoov Arkin, Arnon Karnieli, Charles Ichoku,
with contributions by:
Jean Chorowicz, Thomas Fleury, Jean-Paul Rudant
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