Authors: G., Steinitz, O., Piatibratova
(International Symposium of Radon - Vienna 2008)

Radon Thermal Anomalies - Particular Observations at the Dead Sea site and within Amram tunnel

Authors: Hovav Zafrir
(Internation Symposium of Radon - Vienna 2008)

Sub seawater monitoring of Radon at IUI, Elat, Israel

Authors: Steinitz, G., Zafrir, H., Malik, U., Piatibratova, O.,
(International Symposium of Radon - Vienna 2008)

Monitoring Rn Along the Dead Sea Transform - an Indicator of Seismin and Aseismic Deformation Transients in the Upper Crust

G. Steinitz, Z.B. Begin, H. Zafrir, U. Malik,
B. Balogh, N. Gaazit-Yari, O. Piatobratov

The Evolution, Transportation and Variation in time of Rn-222 Within Rocks in a Desert Region

Hovav Zafrir

Test monitoring of radon in geogas at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory, Central Apennines, Italy

Steinitz, G., Plastino, W., Gaazit-Yari, N.,
De Luca, G., Haquin, G.,

Indications for solar influences on the radon system in geogas

Steinitz, G., Barbosa, S.M.

Statistical characteristic of Radon time series in Elat Granite, Israel

Steinitz, G., Piatibratova, O., Barbosa, S.M.
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