Sedimentology & Paleontology

High Order Cyclicity In The Carbonate-siliciclastic-evaporite system of the Mohilla Formation, upper Triassic, Makhtesh Ramon

Authors: Bialik Or, Korngreen Dorit, Benjamini Chaim

Tracking dissolved trace metals in seawater using living Amphistegina lobifera (benthic foraminifera) tests from Haifa Bay, Israel

Authors: Barak Herut, Ludwik Halicz,
Orit Hyams and Ahuva Almogi-Labin

The significance of hilltop, eolian loess sequences in reconstructing dust accretion rates and chronology: example from the Negev desert, EM

Authors: Crouvi Onn, Amit Rivka,
Enzel Yehouda, Porat Naomi and Sandler Amir

Natural and Anthropogenic Pb in marine sediments, offshore Israel

Authors: Yehudit Harlavan,
Ahuva Almogi-Labin and Barak Herut

Opportunistic response to eutrophication and ventilation: Foraminifera and capitellid polychaetes at a sewage effluent marine outfall off the coast of Israel

Authors: Orit Hyams-Kaphzan, Ahuva Almogi-Labin,
Bella S. Galil, Barak Herut, Chaim Benjamini

Middle to Late Pleistocene sand sheets and calcic paleosols in the Eastern Mediterranean coastal plain of Israel an archive of sand incursions

Ezra Zilberman, Naomi Porat,
Joel Roskin

Spatial patterns of topsoil grain size in the Negev desert, Israel

Crouvi Onn, Amit Rivka,
Enzel Yehuda, McDonald Eric

Amphistegina lobifera, a larger symbiont-bearing foraminiferal migrant from the Red Sea, now dominates rocky coasts of the Israeli Mediterranean

Limor Gruber, Shahar Lazar , Orit Hyams, Dorit Sivan,
Barak Herut, Chaim Benjamini and Ahuva Almogi-Labin

Landscape Evolution and Sedimentation Rates during the Late Pleistocene - Holocene in the Chifeng Region, Inner Mongolia, Northern China

Avni, Y., Zhang, J.,
Shelah, G., Zhou, L.P.
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