The role of the transition from confined to roofed aquifer in the development of anoxic conditions; the Mountain Aquifer, Israel

Authors: A. Burg, I. Gavrieli and Y. Guttman

The carbon system in saline groundwater in the Dead Sea area

Naama Avrahamov, Orit Sivan, Boaz Lazar,
Omer Levenberg, Yoseph Yechieli

The transport of nutrients via Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) to the coastal seawater:Dor bay , southern Carmel coast

Yishai Weinstein, Barak Herut, Yehuda Shalem
and Yoseph Yechieli

Interralation-between-the-sea-and-coastal-aquifer, deduced from analyses of radioactive isotopes

Yoseph Yechieli, Uri Kafri, Orit Sivan

Tracer test in En Ziv

Authors: Magal E., Arbel Y., Caspi S., Katz Y.,
Glazman H., Greenbaum N., Yechieli Y.
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