Dead Sea limnology and hydrology Lab

In charge: Dr. Nadav Lensky

The laboratory consists of three major components:

  • Experiments and measurements of the properties of the Dead Sea Brines
  • Control center of the field stations along the Dead Sea shores and in buoys
  • Workshop for preparation of installation of field measuring systems

Types of analyses:

  •  Properties of the Dead Sea brines: density, salinity, degree of halite saturation, water activity.
  •  Heat fluxes and evaporation rates from field stations.
  •  Photography of the sea floor, and surface processes.
  •  Field measurements of the properties of the Dead Sea water column and its dynamics.

Technicians and students: Raanan Bodzin, Hallel Lutzky, Uri Malik, Ali Arnon, Ido Sirota, Alon Peretz, Elad Dente, Asaf Mor, Avihai Rapaport

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