Geological map of Israel at 1:200,000 scale


The geological map of Israel at 1:200,000 scale can be viewed online and purchased at the library of the Geological Survey of Israel.


The map was first published in 1997-1998 (in paper and digital editions) and was reprinted in 2014.


The map was processed at the GIS lab of the Geological Survey and its authors are: Amihai Sneh, Yossi Bartov, Tuvia Weissbrod and Marcelo Rosensaft.





Sneh, A., Bartov, Y., Weissbrod, T. and Rosensaft,   M., 1998.  
Geological Map of Israel, 1:200,000. Isr. Geol. Surv. (4  sheets).


Click here for the vector map




Click here to download the printed version (in four sheets): 

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download part 3

Download part 4





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