Nof Ran N.


Name: Ran N. Nof










Research interests:

  • Real-Time Seismology.
  • Measuring Ground Displacements Using Satellite Interferometric Synthetic Aperture RADAR (InSAR).
  • Early Warning Systems for Geological Hazards (Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Landslides, Tsunami)





Main projects and grants:

  • Trua’a: Short-trem alert system for earthquakes in Israel.
  • Infrastructure instability along the Dead-Sea.
  • MEMS Accelerometers Mini-Arrays (MAMA).




  :Key publications


Nof, R.N., Allen R. M., 2016, Implementing the ElarmS Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm on the Israeli Seismic Network, BSSA, 106 (5). 2332-2344, doi:10.1785/0120160010.

Nof, R.N., Baer, G., Ziv, A., Raz, E., Atrozi, S., Salvi, S., 2013, Sinkhole precursors along the Dead Sea, Israel, revealed by SAR interferometry, Geology, 49 (9), 1019-1022, doi:10.1130/G34505.1.

Nof, R.N., Ziv, A., Doin, M.-P., Baer, G., Fialko, Y., Wdowinski, S., Eyal, Y., Bock, Y., 2012, Rising of the lowest place on Earth due to Dead Sea water-level drop: Evidence from SAR Interferometry and GPS, J. Geophys. Res., 117, B05412, doi:10.1029/2011JB008961.

Baer, G., Hamiel, Y., Shamir, G. and Nof, R., 2008, Evolution of a magma-driven earthquake swarm resolved by InSAR and ground observations, East African Rift, 2007, EPSL., 272, 339-532. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.04.052

Nof, R. N., Baer, G., Eyal, Y and Novali, F., 2008, Current surface displacement along the Carmel fault system in Israel from InSAR stacking and PSInSAR, Israel J. Earth Sci., 57(2), 71-86. doi:10.1560/ijes.57.2.71 

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:Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals

  2014-2016 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA, USA
Post-Doc Fellow, Seismology
Earthquake Early Warning Systems. PI: Prof. Richard M. Allen
2012  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer-Sheva, Israel
Ph.D., Geology
Thesis topic -"Current Ground Movements in the Dead-Sea Area and Their Implications for Crustal Rheology and Infrastructure Instability: A Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR) study" supervised by Prof. Yehuda Eyal, Dr. Alon Ziv and Dr. Gidon Baer
2006 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer-Sheva, Israel
M.Sc., Geology
Thesis topic -"Detecting recent ground movements on the Carmel fault system using interferometric synthetic aperture RADAR (InSAR)" supervised by Prof. Yehuda Eyal and Dr. Gidon Baer





 :Membership in public committees

 .(Member of the Executive Committee of the Israel Geological Society (2008




:Membership in international organizations

 Seismological Society of America (SSA

American Geophysical Union (AGU




:Significant awards

Research Grant, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergence Research (2016).
Post-Doc scholarship, the Geological Survey of Israel (2014¬-2016).
The Peretz Grader Award, Israel Geological Society (2013).
Binational Science Foundation (BSF) travel grant for young scientists (2009).
The Miriam and Aaron Gutwirth Scholarship (2005)


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