Rosenberg Oved Yoav

Name: Yoav Oved Rosenberg


Tel: 02-5314229
Mobile: 054-6235905





Researcher, Petroleum Geology

Stratigraphy and subsurface research division





Research interests:

  • Evaluation of source rocks.
  • Effect of diagenesis on organic matter preservation.
  • Paleo-evnironment using geochemical proxis.




Main projects and grants:

  • A joint research proposal was granted by the Israeli Ministry for Infrastructure, Energy and Water (Title: Evaluation of source rock potential and their thermal maturity in the Permian-Triassic-Jurassic strata, Judea graben. MOIEW, grant #40779).
  • A joint research proposal was granted by the Israeli Ministry for Infrastructure, Energy and Water (Title: Primary production continuation throughout the KPg boundary and the Golan Height's organic rich sediments. MOIEW, grant #217-17-008)
  • A research proposal for the postdoc research at Alon Amrani’s group was granted by the Israeli Ministry for Infrastructure, Energy and Water (Title: Rapid and continuous sulfur measurements in RockEval for better source rocks evaluation. MOIEW, grant #15/16).



  : Key publications


Amrani, A., Rosenberg, Y. O., Said-Ahmad, W., Meshoulam, A., Luu, N., Jacksier, T., Turich, C., Stankiewicz, A., and Feinstein, S., Submitted, Study of thermal maturation processes of sulfur-rich source rock using compound specific sulfur isotope analysis – volatile and gas phase reactions.
Rosenberg, Y. O., Kutuzov, I., and Amrani. A, 2018, Sulfurization as a preservation mechanism of compound specific d13C. Organic Geochemistry. 125. 66-69.
Kutuzov, I., Rosenberg, Y. O., and Amrani. A, In press, The generation of organic sulfur compounds and their effect on the paleoenvironmental record. 
Rosenberg, Y. O., Sade, Z., and Ganor, J., 2018. The precipitation of gypsum, celestite, and barite and coprecipitation of radium during seawater evaporation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 233, 50-65.
Meshulam, A., Said-Ahmad, W., Shawar, L., Dror G., Reznik, I., Feinstein, S., ans Amrani,A., 2017. Assessing thermal maturation using compound specific sulfur isotope analysis in pyrolytic and natural oils from sulfur-rich source rock. Organic Geochemistry. 112, 59-74.

Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals:

2016-2018 Postdoctoral position at Prof. Alon Amrani, the Institute of Earth Sciences, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


2008-2012 PhD position in the combined M.Sc.-PhD program, at the department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Research topic: The Fate of Radium in Evaporitic Systems. Supervisor- Prof. Jiwchar Ganor


Membership in international organizations:





Significant awards:


2013- Bentor award for PhD students 


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