Avni Yoav


Name: Yoav Avni

Email:  yavni@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314345
Mobile: 050-6235274 






Senior researcher
Head of Mapping Division




Research interests:

  • Morphotectonics of the Levant.
  • Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous - Recent.
  • Neogene-Quaternary landscape evolution.
  • Paleo-environment of desert systems.



Main projects and grants:

  • Geological Mapping of Israel 1:50,000
  • The emergence of terrace farming in the Judean Highlands of Israel: Archaeological and luminescence dating (funded by ISF).
  • Hydrology, geomorphology and landscape evolution of the Ze'elim fan, Dead Sea, Israel  (funded by MOS).


  :Key publications


Avni, Y., Segev, A., Ginat H., (2012 )
Oligocene regional denudation of the northern Afar dome: pre and syn-breakup stages of the Afro-Arabian plate
GSA Bulletin, 124: 1871-1897
Avni, Y., Porat, N., Avni, G. (2012)
Pre-farming environment and OSL chronology in the
Negev Highlands, Israel.
Journal of Arid Environments. 86: 12-27

Avni, Y., Zhang, J., Shelah G., and Zioao L. (2010)
Upper Pleistocene – Holocene geomorphic changes dictating
sedimentation rates and historical land use in the valley system of the Chifeng region, Inner Mongolia, northern China.
Earth. Surf. Proc. Land. 35: 1251-1268
Avni, Y., and Zilberman, E. (2007)
Landscape evolution triggered by neotectonics in the Sede Zin region, Central Negev, Israel.
Isr. J. Earth Sci. 55: 189-208
Filin, S., Avni, Y., Baruch, A., Morik, S.,Marco, S., (2014)
Characterization of land degradation along the receding Dead Sea coastal plains using airborne laser scanning technology Geomorphology 206: 403-420
Meir, Y., Avni, Y., Peeters, A., Meir, S., (2013)
A disaster waiting to happen - On the dynamic relations between geological processes and development in a desert environment,
Landscape and Urban Planning 113: 19-29:


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