Amit Rivka



Name: Rivka Amit


Tel : 02-5314220
Mobile : 050-6234535







Director of the Geological Survey of Israel
Senior researcher




Research interests:

  • Geomorphology
  • Quaternary Geoloy
  • Soil stratigraphy
  • Plaeoseismology& earthquake hazards
  • Sedimentology



Main projects and grants:

  • Israeli Science Foundation (ISF), "Cliff retreat and talus slopes: Production and transport rates of sediments in hyperarid basins that dictate landform evolution"
  • US Army DOD-ARO, "Dust in desert soils and desert terrains"
  • United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), "Quaternary chronology and climatologic significance of eolian loess sequences in the Negev Desert, the Eastern Mediterranean"



  : Key publications


Amit, R. , Enzel, Y., Sharon, D., 2006. Permanent Quaternary hyperaridity in the Negev, Israel, resulting from regional tectonics blocking Mediterranean frontal systems.  Geology v. 34, 509-512
Crouvi, O*., Amit, R. , Enzel, Y., Gillespie, A., 2010. Active sand seas and the formation of desert loess. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 2087-2098.
Amit, R. , Enzel, Y., Crouvi, O*., Simhai, O*., Matmon, A., Porat, N., McDonald, E., Gillespie, A. 2011. The role of the Nile in initiating a massive dust influx to the Negev late in the middle Pleistocene.
GSA Bulletin, 123; no. 5/6; 873–889; doi: 10.1130/B30241.1
Amit, R. , Enzel, Y., Grodek, T., Crouvi, O.,Porat, N., Ayalon, A., 2010.
The role of rare rainstorms in the formation of calcic soil horizons on alluvial surfaces in extreme deserts
Quaternary Research , 74, 177-187.
Amit, R. , Simhai, O.,*,  Ayalon, A., Enzel, Y., Matmon, A., Crouvi, O*.,
Porat, N., McDonald, E.,  2011. Transition from arid to hyper-arid environment in the southern Levant deserts as recorded by early Pleistocene cummulic Aridisols. Quaternary Science Reviews 30, 312-323.

Amit, R. , Enzel, Y., Mushkin, A., Gillespie, A., Batbaatar, J., Crouvi, O., Vandenberghe, J., An, Z., 2013, Linking coarse silt production in Asian sand deserts and Quaternary

accretion of the Chinese Loess Plateau. Geology doi:10.1130/G34857.1



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:Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals: University of Arizona (2004), Universita dell'Insubria, Como, Italy (2013).




 :Membership in public committees

Head of INQUA TERPRO subcommission, AEOMED
Vice president  TERPRO Advisory Board 




:Membership in international organizations






:Significant awards

1984: Schattner Memorial Prize.
1989: Golda Meir Fellow.
2009: Rafi Freund Award, Geological Society of Israel.
2009: Farouk El Baz Award for desert research, Geological Society of America.



Contribution to science community:   

2001- 2002      President of the Israeli Geological Society
2004 -2007      Member of the national committee for seismic hazard assessment in Israel
2000 -2007      Member of the plaeoseismology commission of INQUA
2008-2009       Organizing an international workshop on: "The Dead Sea Rift as a natural laboratory for earthquake behavior: prehistorical, historical and recent seismicity". Part of the INQUA Focus Group on Paleoseismology activities and the International Year of Planet Earth, February 16-23, 2009.
2011-to date    Leader of  INQUA AEOMED sub-commission
2012  Organizing an International workshop on:” Loess occurrences and dust additions to current surface soils and palaeosols in Mediterranean climate" Florence, Italy 10-13.10.2012.  INQUA AEOMED - TERPRO Commission project
2013 Organizing an international workshop on: Reconsidering loess in the Po plan, 1-3 July 2013, North Italy.  INQUA AEOMED - TERPRO Commission project
2015  Organizing committee of the Batsheva de Rothchild International Seminar on: Atmospheric Dust, Dust Deposits (loess) and Soils in Deserts. 14-19 October 2015, Jerusalem and the Negev Desert.



Director of the Gological Survey: Dr. Rivka Amit

Dr. Rivka Amit graduated at the Hebrew University, Institute of Earth Sciences (1990). Main topics: Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology, Hyperarid deserts, Soil stratigraphy, Paleoseismology, Paleoclimate. From 1995 she is serving as a researcher at the Geological Survey of Israel. From 2004-2009 she was the head of the Division of Engineering Geology and Geological Hazards. At 2001 she was elected to be the president of the Geological Society of Israel. From 2014 she is the director of the Geological Survey of Israel.



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