Arkin Yaacov


Name: Yaacov (Jack) Arkin

Tel: 02-5314342

Mobile: 052-8370795






Emeritus researcher




Research interests:


Geological Mapping and active geological processes in the tectonic development of the Dead-Sea Rift and relevance to engineering geology.





Main projects and grants: 


Geological Road Guide of Israel. 


:Key publications






Arkin, Y., and Ecker, A., 2007. Geotechnical and Hydrogeological concerns in developing the infrastructure around Jerusalem. Geological survey of Israel. Report GSI/12/2007. 106 p. z
Arkin, Y., and Gilat, A. 2000 Dead Sea Sinkholes: An ever-developing hazard. Environmental Geology. Environ. Geol., Vol. 39, No. 7,pp. 711-722 z

Arkin, Y., Ichoku, C., Karnieli, A. 1999. Fault traces in the arid Arava Valley floor, Israel revealed by RADARSAT surface roughness classification. Special Issue, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. Can. J. Remote Sensing, Vol.25. No. 3, pp. 302-310. z
Sarti, F, Arkin, Y., Chorowicz, J., Karnieli, A., and Cunha, T. 2003. Assessing pre- and post-deformation in the southern Arava Valley segment of the Dead Sea Transform, Israel, by differential interferometry. Remote Sensing of Environment, 86, 141-149.  z

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Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals :


BSc. FGAA, DIC, MSc,, PhD.
1967-1970 Deputy Director, Geological Survey of Ethiopia.
1969-1970 lecturer, University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
1970-1982, Head of Geological Mapping Division Geological Survey of Israel..
1975 Israel Delegate to International Committee for the Geological Map of the World, Middle East Section.
1975-1976, British Council Scholar at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London.
1976 Appointed to Israel National Committee for study of Mediterranean Dead Sea Hydroelectric Scheme.
1979 Appointed to Israel Geotechnical Committee on
Water Levels, Mediterranean Dead Sea Hydroelectric Scheme.
1981 New York State University External Tutor, Rockland Center for International Studies.
1987-1993 Ben-Gurion University, External Lecturer.
1990-1991 Sabbatical Kent State University Ohio USA.
1991 Elected to Phi Beta Delta Chapter of the Honor Society for International Students.
1993 President of the Geological Society of Israel.
1993 Israel Civil Service Award for Excellency.
1997-1998 Sabbatical University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA.
2000 Retired Emeritus.




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