Ayalon Avner



Name: Avner Ayalon

Email: ayalon@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314297 

Mobile: 050-6235226





Emeritus, senior researcher




Research interests:

  • Terrestrial paleoclimate reconstruction using cave deposits  (based mainly on oxygen and carbon stable isotopes).
  • Characteristic features of rains and meteoric water based on stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen.
  • The relations between climate changes and archeological cultures.





Main projects and grants:

  • Seasonal variations as reflected in high-resolution studies of cave deposits.
  • Monitoring rainwater in Israel,  and the water in the unsaturated zone of
    Judea Group (Soreq Cave).
  • Archeometry using isotope methods.




  :Key publications


Bar-Matthews, M. and Ayalon, A. (2011). Mid-Holocene climate variations revealed by high resolution speleothem records from Soreq Cave, Israel and their correlation with cultural changes. The Holocene 21, 163-171

Orland, I., Bar-Matthews, M., Ayalon A., Matthews, A., Kozdon, R., Ushikuboa, T., Valley, J.W. (2012)  Seasonal resolution of Eastern Mediterranean climate change since 34 ka from a Soreq Cave speleothem. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 89, 240–255.

Grant, K.M., Rohling, E.J., Bar-Matthews, M., Ayalon, A., Medina-Elizalde, M., Bronk Ramsey, C., Satow, C., Roberts, A.P. (2012). Rapid coupling between ice volume and polar temperature over the past 150 kyr Nature, 491, 744-747.

Ayalon, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Frumkin, A., Matthews A. (2013). Last Glacial warm events on Mount Hermon: the southern extension of the Alpine karst range of the east Mediterranean Quaternary Science Review, 59, 43-56.

Orland, I.J., Burstyn, Y., Bar-Matthews, M., Kozdon, R., Ayalon, A., Matthews, A., Valley, J.W. (2014). Seasonal climate signals (1998-2008) in a modern Soreq Cave stalagmite as revealed by high-resolution geochemical analysis. Chem. Geol. 363, 322–333.

Affek H.P., Matthews, A., Ayalon, A., Bar-Matthews, M; Burstyn Y., Zaarur, S; Zilberman T. (2014) . Accounting for kinetic isotope effects in Soreq Cave (Israel) speleothems. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 143, 303-318

Ayalon A., Bar-Matthews M. and Goren Y. (2014).
Biblical Events and Environments - Authentification of Controversial Archaeological Artifacts. In: Holland H.D. and Turekian K.K. (eds.) Treatise on Geochemistry, Second Edition, vol. 14, pp. 255-270. Oxford: Elsevier

Hershkovitz, I., Marder, O., Ayalon, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Yasur, G., Boaretto, E., Caracuta, V., Alex, B., Frumkin, A., Goder-Goldberger, M., Gunz, P., Holloway,R., Latimer, B., Lavi, R., Matthews, A., Slon, V., Bar-Yosef Mayer, D., Berna, F., Bar-Oz, G., Yeshurun, R., May, H., Guenther M. H., Weber, G., Barzilai, O., 2015, Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel) foreshadows the first European modern humans. Nature DOI:10:1038




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