Burg Avihu (Avi)



Name: Avihu (Avi) Burg

Email: burg@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314294  
Mobile: 050-6234519





Senior Researcher




Research interests:


Water geochemistry
Hatrurim Fm. (combustion metamorphism)





Main projects and grants:


:Key publications

Dafny, E., Burg, A. and Gvirtzman, H. (2010). Effects of karst and geological structure on groundwater flow: the case of Yarkon-Taninim aquifer. Israel. J. Hydrology, Vol. 389: 260-275.
Goren, O., Gavrieli, I., Burg, A. and Lazar, B. (2011). Cation exchange and CaCO3 dissolution during artificial recharge of effluent to a calcareous sandstone aquifer. J. Hydrology, Vol. 400(1-2): 165-175.
Dafny, E., Burg, A., Sheffer, N., Weinberger, G. and Gvirtzman, H. (2011). The dynamic groundwater flow field at the central Yarqon-Taninim basin, Israel: A 3D geological-based numerical model. Isr. J. Earth Sci., Vol. 58: 99-111.
Goren, O., Lazar, B., Burg, A. and Gavrieli, I. (2012). Mobilization and retardation of reduced manganese in sandy aquifers: Column experiments, modeling and implications. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, Vol. 96: 259-271.
Geller, Y.I., Burg, A., Halicz, L. and Kolodny, Y. (2012). System closure during the combustion metamorphic “Mottled Zone” event, Israel. Chem. Geol., Vol.  334: 25-36.
Dafny, E., Gvirtzman, H. and Burg, A. (2013). Identifying watershed-scale groundwater flow barriers: the Yoqne’am Fault in Israel. Hydrogeology Journal, Vol. 21: 1035-1051.
Wang, H.W., Anovitz, L.M., Burg, A., Cole, D.R., Allard, L.F., Jackson, A.J., Stack, A.G. and Rother, G. (2013). Multi-scale characterization of pore evolution in a combustion metamorphic complex, Hatrurim basin, Israel: Combining (ultra) small-angle neutron scattering and image analysis. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, Vol. 121: 339-362.
Burg, A., Zilberbrand, M. and Yechieli, Y. (2013). Radiocarbon variability in groundwater in an extremely arid zone - the Arava Valley, Israel. RADIOCARBON, Vol. 55(2-3): 963-978.
Goren, O., Burg, A., Gavrieli, I., Negev, I., Guttman, Y., Kraitzer, T., Kloppmann, W. and Lazar, B. (2014). Biogeochemical processes in infiltration basins and their impact on the recharging effluent, the soil aquifer treatment (SAT) system of the Shafdan plant, Israel. Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 48: 58-69.
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Shalev, N., Burg, A., Gavrieli, I. and Lazar, B. (2015). Nitrate contamination sources in aquifers underlying cultivated fields in an arid region - The Arava Valley, Israel. Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 63: 322-332.
Burg, A., Yechieli, Y. and Galili, U. (2016). Response of a coastal hydrogeological system to a rapid decline in sea level; the case of Zuqim springs – The largest discharge area along the Dead Sea coast. J. Hydrology, Vol. 536: 222-235.
Burg, A., Gersman, R. (2016). Hydrogeology and geochemistry of low-permeability oil-shales – Case study from HaShfela sub-basin, Israel. J. Hydrology, Vol. 540: 1105-1121.
Burg, A., Gavrieli, I. and Guttman, J. (2017). Concurrent salinization and development of anoxic conditions in a confined aquifer, Southern Israel. Groundwater, Vol. 55(2): 183-198.
Kloppmann, W., Negev, I., Guttman, J., Goren, O., Gavrieli, I., Guerrot, C., Flehoc, C., Pettenati, M. and Burg, A. (2018). Massive arrival of desalinated seawater in a regional urban water cycle: a multi-isotope study (B, S, O, H). Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 619-620: 272-280.
Avrahamov, N., Yechieli, Y., Purtschert, R., Levy, Y., Sültenfuß, J., Vergnaud, V. and Burg, A. (2018). Characterization of a carbonate karstic aquifer flow system using multiple radioactive noble gases (3H-3He, 85Kr, 39Ar) and 14C as Environmental Tracers. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 242: 213-232.
Yechieli, Y., Yokochi, R., Zilberbrand, M., Lu, Z-T., Purtschert, R., Sueltenfuss, J., Jiang, W., Zappala, J., Mueller, P., Bernier, R., Avrahamov, N., Adar, E., Talhami, F., Livshitz, Y and Burg, A. (2019). Recent seawater intrusion into deep aquifer determined by the radioactive noble-gas isotopes 81Kr and 39Ar. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 507: 21-29.
Burg, A., and Guttman, J. (2019). Mitigation of downstream propagation of contaminated water in a carbonate aquifer – the northeastern Negev desert, Israel. Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 654: 550-562.


:Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals

1986 B.Sc. in Geology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
1990 M.Sc. in Geology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Title of thesis: The geology of the Hatrurim Formation.
1999 Ph.D. in Geology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Title of thesis: Geochemistry and hydrology of perched carbonate aquifers in northern and central Israel.
2009-2010 Sabbatical leave with Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI) Company. Research subject: Evaluation of the geology and hydrology of the oil shale unit in the Hashefela region of Israel.






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