Crouvi Onn

Name: Onn Crouvi


Tel: 02-5314242
Mobile: 050-6234540 





In charge of the Soil and Sedimentology laboratories



Research interests:

  • Eolian and coastal geomorphology.
  • Soil formation.
  • Quaternary geology.
  • Soil erosion.
  • Geo-archaeology.



Main projects and grants:

  • Quantification of the sediment budget along the Mediterranean coastal plain of Israel in different spatial and temporal scales (in collaboration with Oded Katz and Amit Mushkin, GSI; funded by the Ministry Of Energy).
  • Characteristics of Mediterranean deep sea sediments (in collaboration with Ahuva Almogi-Labi, Yehudit Harlavan and Orit Hayms, GSI, and researchers from IOLR; funded by the Ministry Of Energy).
  • Geomorphology of dust sources and dynamics of dust emission in Northern Africa (in collaboration with Dan Blumberg, BGU, Funded by ISF). 
  • Process-based modeling of calcic soil formation on a regional scale: Implications for pedogenic processes, paleoclimatic reconstructions and estimation of inorganic
    carbon pool (funded by BSF).




  :Key publications


Lubinevsky, H., Hyams-Kaphzan, O., Almogi-Labin, A., Silverman, J., Harlavan, Y., Crouvi, O., Herut, B., Kanari, M., and Tom, M., 2017, Deep-sea soft bottom infaunal communities of the Levantine Basin (SE Mediterranean) and their shaping factors, Marine Biology, accepted on 16-Dec-2016.
Crouvi, O., Amit, R., Ben Israel, M., Enzel, Y., 2017, Chapter 53. Loess in the Negev Desert: Sources, Loessial Soils, Palaeosols, and Palaeoclimatic Implications. In: Y. Enzel, O. Bar-Yosef (Eds.), Quaternary Environments, Climate Change and Humans in the Levant, Cambridge University Press.
Crouvi, O., Dayan, U., Amit, R., and Enzel, Y., 2017, An Israeli haboob: Sea breeze activating local anthropogenic dust sources in the Negev loess, Aeolian Research, 24C, 39-52.
Mushkin, A., Katz, O., Crouvi, O., Alter, S., and Shemesh, R., 2016, Sediment contribution from Israel’s coastal cliffs into the Nile’s littoral cell and its significance to cliff-retreat mitigation efforts, Engineering Geology, 215, 91-94
Crouvi, O., Amit, R., and Enzel, Y., 2016, Seeking knowledge in the dust, EOS, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO049501. Published on 8 April 2016

Crouvi, O., Polyakov, V. O., Pelletier, J. D., and Rasmussen, C., 2015, Decadal-scale soil redistribution along hillslopes in the Mojave Desert, Earth Surface Dynamics, 3, 251-264, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-251-2015.

Amit, R., Enzel, Y., Mushkin, A., Gillespie, A. R., Batbaatar, J., Crouvi, O., Vandenberghe, J., and Zhisheng, A., 2013, Linking coarse silt production in Asian sand deserts and Quaternary accretion of the Chinese Loess Plateau, Geology, 42, 23-26.

Crouvi, O., Pelletier, J.D., and Rasmussen, C., 2013, Predicting the thickness and aeolian fraction of soils in upland watersheds of the Mojave Desert, Geoderma 195-196C, 94-110.

Crouvi, O., Schepanski, K., Amit, R., Gillespie, A. R., and Enzel, Y., 2012, Multiple dust sources in the Sahara Desert: The importance of sand dunes, Geophysical Research Letters,  doi:10.1029/2012GL052145.

Bacon, S. N., McDonald, E. V., Amit, R., Enzel, Y., and Crouvi, O., 2011, Total suspended particulate (TSP) emissions at high friction velocities from landforms in the Negev Desert, Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, 116, F03019, doi:10.1029/2011JF001965.

Amit, R., Simhai, O., Ayalon, A., Enzel, Y., Matmon, A., Crouvi, O., Porat, N., and McDonald, E. V., 2011, Transition from arid to hyper-arid environment in the southern Levant deserts as recorded by early Pleistocene cummulic Aridisols, Quaternary Science Reviews, 30, 312-323.

Enzel, Y., Amit, R., Crouvi, O., and Porat, N., 2010, Abrasion-derived sediments under intensified winds at the latest Pleistocene leading edge of the advancing Sinai–Negev erg, Quaternary Research. 74, 121-131.

Crouvi, O., Amit, R., Enzel, Y., and Gillespie, A. R., 2010, The role of active sand seas in the formation of desert loess, Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 2087-2098.

Amit, R., Enzel, Y., Grodek, T., Crouvi, O., Porat, N., and Ayalon, A., 2010, The role of rare rainstorms in the formation of calcic soil horizons on alluvial surfaces in extreme deserts, Quaternary Research, 74, 177-187.

Crouvi, O., Amit, R., Porat, N., Gillespie, A. R., McDonald, E. V., and Enzel, Y., 2009, Significance of primary hilltop loess in reconstructing dust chronology, accretion rates, and sources: An example from the Negev Desert, Israel, Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, F02017, doi:10.1029/2008JF001083.


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:Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals




 :Membership in public committees



Membership in international organizations:


Geological Society of America
Israel Geological Society 




Significant awards:


2011 The Bentor award for excellence in Ph.D. research, the Institute of Earth Sciences, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2002 The Shraga-Dicker award for excellence in M.Sc. research, the Institute of Earth Sciences, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



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