Gelman Faina



Name: Faina Gelman


Tel: 02-5314208
Mobile: 050-6235486






Senior researcher
In charge of the Environmental Organic laboratory




Research interests:

  • Environmental geochemistry.
  • Isotope analysis.
  • Analytical chemistry.
  • Contaminant hydrology.

















Main projects and grants:

  • 2014 The German-Israeli foundation grant (with Dr. Anat Bernstein from Ben-Gurion University and Dr. Martin Elsner from UFZ, Munich). Title: Enabling the Distinction of Reductive vs. Oxidative Chlorohydrocarbon Transformation in the Environment by Advancing d13C/d37Cl Isotope Analysis. Principle Investigator, for 3 years.
  • 2016 BSF ( with Dr. Anat Bernstein BGU),4 years,Investigation of the environmental fate of brominated organic contaminants by advancing three-dimensional δ13C-δ2H-δ81Br.
  • 2016 ISF (with Dr. Anat Bernstein and Prof. Zeev Ronen BGU),3 year. Microbial dehalogenation of organohalides: Dechlorination versus debromination
  • 2017 Ministry of Energy( with Dr. Aya Schneider-Mor GSI),3 years.Study of phosphorite geochemistry to expand the paleo-environment understanding and explore the effect of impurities (organic matter and metals) on phosphoric acid production.



  :Key publications


Zakon Y., Halicz L., Lev O. Gelman F. (2016). Compound-specific bromine isotope ratio analysis using gas chromatography/quadrupole mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 30: 1-6.
Balaban N., Bernstein A., Gelman F., Ronen Z. (2016).  Microbial degradation of the brominated flame retardant TBNPA by groundwater bacteria: laboratory and field study. Chemosphere 156: 367-373.
Kuntze K., Kozell A.s, Richnow H.H., Halicz L., Nijenhuis I., Gelman F. (2016). Dual Carbon–Bromine Stable Isotope Analysis Allows Distinguishing Transformation Pathways of Ethylene Dibromide.  Environmental Science & Technology 50 (18), 9855-9863

Gelman F., Halicz L. (2010). High-precision determination of bromine isotope ratio by GC-MC-ICPMS. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 289: 167-169.
Bernstein A., Ronen Z., Levin E., Halicz L., Gelman F.  (2013). Kinetic bromine isotope effect: Example from the microbial debromination of brominated phenols. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 405, 2923-2929.
Zakon Y., Halicz L., Gelman F. (2013). Bromine and carbon isotope effects during photolysis of brominated phenols. Environmental Sciences & Technology, 47, 14147-53.

Jammer S.., Voloshenko A., Gelman F., Lev O. (2014). Chiral and isotope analyses for assessing the degradation of organic contaminants in the environment: Rayleigh dependence. Environmental Sciences & Technology, 48, 3310-3318.
Zakon Y., Halicz L., Gelman F. (2014). Isotope Analysis of Sulfur, Bromine, and Chlorine in Individual Anionic Species by Ion Chromatography/Multicollector-ICPMS. Analytical Chemistry, 86, 6495-6500.


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Member of the committee on preventing water contamination by gasoline




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