Halicz Ludwik


Name: Ludwik Halicz

Email: ludwik@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314205
Mobile: 050-6234527





Emeritus, senior researcher




Research interests:

  • Development and analysis of non-traditional stable isotopes.
  • Development and analysis major, trace and super trace elements in geological material, environment and in all type of water.











Main projects and grants:

  • Ministry of Science and Bundesministerium fuer Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie
    Title: Innovative tools for the evaluation of  in situ degradation of brominated organic contaminants in groundwater.
  • German Science Foundation.
  • Stable isotopes of strontium as a new proxy for continental weathering,pedogenesis processes and seawater temperature.


  :Key publications


Lorber A., Karpas Z., Halicz L.  (1996) Flow injection method for determination of uranium in urine and serum by ICP-MS. Anal. Chim. Acta 334: 295-301.
Halicz, L.,  Galy A.,  Belshaw, N.S., and  O’Nions, R.K. (1999) High-precision measurement of calcium isotopes in carbonates and related materials by Multiple-Collector ICP-MS. JAAS 14: 1835-1838.
Galy, A.,  Belshaw N., Halicz, L. and O’Nions, K. (2001) High-Precision Measurement of Magnesium Isotopes by Multiple-Collector ICPMS Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 208, 89-98.
Galy, A., Yoffe, O., Janney, P.E., Williams, R.W., Cloquet,C., Allard, O., Halicz, L., Wadhwa, M., Hutcheon, I.D., and Carignan, J. (2003) Magnesium isotope heterogeneity of the isotopic standard SRM980 and new reference materials for magnesium-isotope-ratio measurements. JAAS, 18, 1352-1356.
Ehrlich, S., Butler, I., Halicz, L., Rickard, D., Oldroyd, A., Matthews, A. (2004) Experimental study of the copper isotope fractionation between aqueous Cu (II) and Cu (I) sulphide. Chemical Geology ,209, 259-269.
Halicz, L., Guenther, D. (2004) Quantitative analysis of silicate using LA-ICPMS with liquid calibration. JAAS , 19, 1539-1545.
Halicz, L., Segal I., Fruchter  N., Stein M.,  and Lazar B., (2008) Strontium stable isotopes fractionate in the soil environments?  Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett., 272, 406-411.
Halicz L,  Yang L., Teplyakov, N., Burg A., Sturgeon, R., and Kolodny, Y. (2008) High precision determination of chromium isotope ratios in geological samples by MC-ICP-MS  JAAS,  23, 1622-1627
Gelman, F., and Halicz L. (2010) High precision determination of bromine isotope ratio by GC-MC-ICPMS  Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 289, (2-3), 167-169.
Zakon Y.,   Halicz L., and Gelman F. (2014) Isotope analysis of sulfur, bromine and chlorine in individual anionic species by Ion Chromatograph/Multi-Collector-ICPMS.  Anal. Chemistry  vol.86, 13, 6495-6500



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Professor at University of Warsaw




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