Harlavan Yehudit


Name: Yehudit Harlavan

Email: y.harlavan@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314298
Mobile: 054-3385660 







Head, Division of Geochemistry and environmental Geology
Senior researcher
In charge of the of the division laboratories




Research interests:

  • Provenance studies of silisiclastic sandstones.
  • Iso-geochemistry of marine sediments offshore Israel.
  • Iso-geochemistry of the Nile tributaries.
  • Interaction between spent fuel and carbonate rocks.



Main projects and grants:

  • The sources for the fine fraction of major silisiclast events in the Israel stratigraphic column. 2012-2014: Ministry of Energy, Israel; Title: Tracking diagenetic history in mixed volcanics and reefal sedimentary system in Late Triassic-Jurassic transition sequence in the northern Israel subsurface. Principle investigator with Dr. D. Korngreen. For two years. 2012-2014 Ministry.
  • Interaction of dissolved spent fuel products with various rocks of Mt. Scopus Group; experimental study. 2014-2016: Energy and Water resources, Israel;
  • The source for the fine fraction of Hazeva Formation, Israel: 2014-2016 Energy and Water. resources, Israel.



  :Key publications


Padoan, M., Garzanti, E. Harlavan, Y., Villa, I. (2011).Tracing Nile sediment sources by Sr and Nd isotope signatures (Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75, 3627–3644. IF 4.101; Rank 4/77.
Morag, N. Avigad, D., Gerdes, A., Belousova, E. and Harlavan Y. (2011) Detrital zircon Hf isotopic composition indicates long-distance transport of north Gondwan Cambro-Ordovician sandstones. Geology, 39, 955-958. IF 4.026; Rank 1/48.
Segal, I., Bar-Matthews, M., Matthews, A., Harlavan, Y. and Asael, D. (2011) Provenance of ancient metallurgical artifacts: Implications of new Pb isotope data from Timna ores. Proceeding in: Journal Der Anschnitt, Bergbau-Museum, Bochum.
Morag, N. Avigad, D., Gerdes, A. and Harlavan Y. (2012). 1000 to 580 Ma crustal evolution in the northern Arabian-Nubian Shield revealed by U-Pb-Hf of detrital zircons from the Neoproterozoic sediments (Elat area, Israel) Precambrian Research, 186, 101-116. IF 4.116; Rank 7/167.
Asael, D., Matthews, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Harlavan, Y., Segal, I., (2012) Tracking Redox Controls and Sources of Sedimentary Mineralization using copper and lead isotopes.


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