Katz Oded

Name: Oded Katz

Email: odedk@gsi.gov.il

 Tel: 02-5314267
Mobile: 054-5575926






Senior Researcher



Research interests:

  • Landslide mechanics.
  • Landslide hazard.
  • Landslides and landscape evolution.
  • Submarine landslides.
  • Coastal geomorphology.
  • Paleoseismology.




Main projects and grants:

  • Constraints on the age of submarine landslides along the southeastern Mediterranean continental slope (ISF).
  • Monitoring and analyzing of the Israeli coastal cliff retreat (MCCP).
  • Mapping and analyzing active faulting in the Sea of Galilee area (Governmental committee for earthquake preparedness, Israel).



  : Key publications


Katz, O., Mushkin, A., 2013. Characteristics of sea-cliff erosion induced by a strong winter storm in the eastern Mediterranean. Quaternary Research 80, 20-31.

Katz, O., Morgan, J.K., Aharonov, E., Dugan, B., 2014. Controls on the size and geometry of landslides: Insights from discrete element numerical simulations. Geomorphology 220, 104 -113.

Marco, S., Katz, O., Dray, Y., 2014. Historical sand injections on the Mediterranean shore of Israel: evidence for liquefaction hazard. Natural Hazards, doi 10.1007/s11069-014-1249-6.

Katz, O., Reuven, E., Aharonov, E., 2015. Submarine landslides and fault scarps along the eastern Mediterranean Israeli continental-slope. Marine Geology 369, 100-115.

Goodman-Tchernov, B., Katz, O., 2016. Holocene-era submerged notches along the southern Levantine coastline: Punctuated sea level rise? Quaternary International 401, 17 - 27.

Mushkin A., Katz, O., Crouvi, O., Alter, S.R., Shemesh, R., 2016. Sediment contribution from Israel's coastal cliffs into the Nile's littoral cell and its significance to cliff-retreat mitigation efforts. Engineering Geology 215, 91-94.

Katz, O., Reuven E., Elfassi Y., Paldor A., Gvirtzman Z.,Aharonov E., 2016. Spatial and temporal relation of submarine landslides and faults along the Israeli continental slope, eastern Mediterranean.  Submarine Mass Movements and their Consequences. Springer, 351-359.

Barkai, O., Katz, O., Mushkin, A., Goodman-Tchernov, B., 2017. Long-term retreat rates of Israel’s Mediterranean sea cliffs inferred from reconstruction of eroded archaeological sites. Geoarchaeology 2017, 1- 14.

Siman-Tov, S., Katz, O., Matmon, A., 2017. Examining the effects of ground motion and rock strength on the size of boulders falling from an overhanging cliff. Engineering Geology 220, 164 - 174.


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Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals: b


M.Sc.: Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1996), The Metamorphism and structure of Roded block
Ph.D.: Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2002), Mechanisms of failure in brittle rocks
Sabbatical: Rice University, Houston (2008-2010), Computer modeling of landslides




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