Kurzon Ittai



Name: Ittai Kurzon

Email: ittaik@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314333
Mobile: 050-2173885





A member in the committee for upgrading and expanding the real-time seismic network for the state of Israel with Earthquake Early Warning capabilities.




Research interests:

  • Earthquake Seismology.
  • Observational Seismology.
  • Geophysical Signal Processing Volcano-Seismology.
  • Physical Volcanology.







Main projects and grants:

  • Israel Science Fund (ISF) - From fault creep to earthquakes: Probing the Dead Sea Fault using space geodesy and seismology. Joint research with Dr. Yariv Hamiel.
  • The Ministry of Energy - Defining and mapping capable tectonic sources for seismic hazard estimation in Israel: general analysis and specific focus for nuclear power plants in Israel. A joint research with Dr. Amir Sagy.
  • Shapira Committee - Monitoring the seismic Activity in the Sea of Galilee and along the Almagor Fault, and estimating the seismic hazard within the region.



  : Key publications


Kurzon, I., Lyakhovsky, V. and Navon, O. (2011). Bubble growth in visco-elastic magma – Implications to magma fragmentation and bubble nucleation, Bull. Volcanol., 73, pp. 39-54.
Kurzon, I., Lyakhovsky, V., Navon, O. and Chouet, B. (2011). Pressure waves in a supersaturated bubbly magma, Geophys. J. Int., 187(1), pp. 421-438.
Kurzon, I., Vernon, F. L., Ben-Zion, Y. and Atkinson, G. (2014). Ground Motion Prediction Equations in the San Jacinto Fault Zone: Significant Effects of Rupture Directivity and Fault Zone Amplification, Pure and Applied Geophysics, DOI: 10.1007/s00024-014-0855-2.
Allam, A. A., Ben-Zion, Y., Kurzon, I. and Vernon, F. L. (2014). Seismic velocity structure in the Hemet Stepover and Trifurcation Areas of the San Jacinto Fault Zone from double-difference earthquake tomography, Geophys. J. Int., 198, pp. 978-999.
Kurzon, I., Vernon, F. L., Rosenberger, A. and Ben-Zion, Y. (2014). Real-time Automatic Detectors of P and S Waves Using Singular Value Decomposition, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 104(4), pp.1696-1708.

Shalev, E., Kurzon, I., Doan, M.-L. and Lyakhovsky, V. (2016). Water-level oscillations caused by volumetric and deviatoric dynamic strains, Geophys. J. Int. 204, 841–851.
Wetzler, N. and Kurzon, I. (2016). The Earthquake Activity of Israel: Revisiting 30 Years of Local and Regional Seismic Records along the Dead Sea Transform, Seismol. Res. Lett. 87(1), 47-58.


»Wetzler, N. and Kurzon, I. (2016). The Earthquake Activity of Israel - The Relocated Catalog





:Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals



2010 - 2013: Postdoctoral position at the at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.
1) Inferring Fault Zone Structure and Properties from Local Seismicity in the San Jacinto Fault Zone (SJFZ); 2) Automatic and Mass Data-Processing of Seismic Waveforms using Signal Processing Techniques; 3) Real-time seismic acquisition and deployment of the SJFZ seismic network.
2005 - 2010: Ph.D. in Geology, at the Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Visco-elastic bubbly magma – Implications for the nucleation and growth of bubbles, magma fragmentation and the dynamic seismic properties of magma.

2003 - 2005: M.Sc. in Geology, at the Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Conditions for magma fragmentation in visco-elastic bubbly magma.

1999 – 2002: B.Sc. in Geology and Atmospheric Sciences, at the Faculty of Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.





 :Membership in public committees




:Membership in international organizations


Seismological Society of America (SSA).




:Significant awards


2010: Young Seismologist scholarship from the European Seismological Commission (ESC) to attend the “ESC2010 Young Seismologist Training Course” dedicated to “Urban Seismology”. The University of Montpellier, France.
2010: Dicker and Shraga Prize for excellence in PhD research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2008: The Hebrew University - ETH Research fellowship for scientific collaboration. Department of Earth Sciences, Structural Geology and Tectonics Groups, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.



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