Levi Tsafrir


Name: Tsafrir Levi

Email: tsafrir@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314239
Mobile: 050-6235303 






In charge of the development scenarios room and the rock magnetism laboratory



Research interests:

  • Rock magnetism and AMS.
  • Structural geology and fracture mechanics in rocks.
  • Paleo seismic structures.
  • Earthquake damage scenarios.




Main projects and grants:

  • Analytical-Empirical Model for the Assessment of Earthquake Casualties and Injuries in a Typical Israeli City – the Case of Tiberius (funded by the ministry of science).
  • Strain field near the Dead Sea fault revealed by the Anisotropy Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) fabrics.


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Levi, T., Weinberger, R. (2011). Magnetic fabrics of diamagnetic rocks and the strain field associated with the Dead Sea fault, northern Israel. J. Struct. Geol. 33, 566-578, doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2011.02.001. h

Levi, T., Bausch, D., Katz, O., Rozelle, J., and Salamon, A. (2014). Insights from Hazus loss estimations in Israel for Dead Sea Transform earthquakes. Natural Hazards.g

Levi, T., Weinberger, R., and Marco, S. (2014).  Magnetic fabrics induced by dynamic faulting reveal damage zone sizes in soft rocks, Dead Sea basin. Geophysical Journal International. 199, 1214-1229.  g

Jacoby, Y., Weinberger, R., Levi, T., and Marco, S. (2014). Clastic dikes in the Dead Sea Basin as indicators of potential hazard.  Natural Hazards. n

Weia, H.H., Shohet, I.M., Skibniewskia, M.J., Levy, R., Shapira, S., Aharonson-Daniel, l., Levi, T., Salamon, A., Levi, O., (2014) Procedia Economics and Finance (2014) 000–000.  b


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