Lewy Zeev



Name: Zeev Lewy

Email: lewy@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314245






Emeritus researcher




Research interests:

  • Macrofossils, mainly mollusks, especially ammonites.
  • Organism-substrate relationships. Trace-fossils.
  • Evolutionary trends, functional evolution.
  • Sedimentological history: paleogeography.
  • End-Cretaceous biological crisis.



Main projects and grants:

  • A guide to selected large fossils in Israel. Online application. 

:Key publications




Lewy, Z. (2010). Upper Campanian suspected silicified seismite related to the Syrian Arc tectonic system in the Middle East. J. Afr. Earth Sci. 57: 297-305. z
Lewy, Z. (2011). Lower Eocene crustacean burrows (Israel) reflect a change from K- to r-type mode of breeding across the K-T boundary clarifying the process of the end-Cretaceous biological crisis. INTECH Book (in D. Chen ed.) z
Lewy, Z. (2012). Banded iron formations (BIFs) and associated sediments do not reflect the physical and chemical properties of Early Precambrian seas. Int. J. Geosc. 3: 226-236. z
Lewy, Z. (2013). Life on Earth originated where Later microbial oxygenic photosynthesis precipitated banded iron formation,  suppressing life diversification for 1.4 Ga. Int. J. Geosc. 4: 382-1391. z
Lewy, Z. (2015). How the Deccan Volcanism and the Chicxulub asteroid impact resulted in the biological crisis ending the Mesozoic Era. J. Geog. Environ. Earth Sci. 3: 1-11. z




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