Porat Naomi



Name: Naomi Porat

Email: naomi.porat@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314210
Mobile: 050-6235388






Senior researcher
In charge of the Luminescence dating laboratory




Research interests:

  • Developing the luminescence methods.
  • Quaternary geochronology.
  • Quaternary landscape evolution.
  • Geo-archaeology.




Main projects and grants:

  • The emergence of terrace farming in the Judean Highlands of Israel: Archaeological and luminescence dating (funded by ISF).
  • Extending luminescence dating into the Early Pleistocene – method development and application to the Coastal Plain (funded by the Ministry of Energy)




  : Key publications


Enzel Y., Amit R., Grodek T., Ayalon A., Lekach Y., Porat N., Bierman P., Blum J.D. and Erel1 Y. (2012). Late Quaternary weathering, erosion, and deposition in Nahal Yael, Israel: An “impact of climatic change on an arid watershed”1? GSA Bulletin; May/June 2012; v. 124; no. 5/6; p. 705–722; doi: 10.1130/B30538.1.
Davidovich U., Porat N., Gadot Y., Avni Y.and Lipschits O. (2012). Archaeological investigations and OSL dating of terraces at Ramat Rahel, Israel. Journal of Field Archaeology 37, 192-208.
Ryb U., Matmon A., Porat N. and Katz O. (2013). From mass-wasting to slope stabilization - putting constrains on the transition in slope erosion mode: A case study in the Judea Hills, Israel. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38, 551–560.
Porat N., Avner U., Holzer A., Shemtov R. and Horwitz L.K. (2013). Fourth Millennium BC 'leopard traps' from the Negev Desert (Israel). Antiquity 87, 714-727.
Avni G., Porat N. and Avni Y. (2013). Byzantine–Early Islamic agricultural systems in the Negev Highlands: Stages of development as interpreted through OSL dating. Journal of Field Archaeology 38, 332-346.
Tsatskin A., Sandler A. and Porat N. (2013). Toposequence of sandy soils in the northern coastal plain of Israel: Polygenesis and complexity of pedogeomorphic development. Geoderma 197-198, 87–97.
Muhs D.R., Roskin J., Tsoar H., Skipp G., Budahn J.R., Sneh A., Porat N., Stanley J-D.,  Katra I. and Blumberg D.G. (2013). Origin of the Sinai-Negev erg, Egypt and Israel: Mineralogical and geochemical evidence for the importance of the Nile and sea level history. Quaternary Science Reviews 69, 28-48.
Grodek T., Benito G., Botero B.A., Jacoby Y., Porat N., Haviv I., Cloete G. and Enzel Y., (2013). The last millennium largest floods in the hyperarid Kuiseb River basin, Namib Desert. Journal of Quaternary Science 28, 258–270.
Mauz B., Hijma M.P., Amorosi A., Porat N., Galili E. and Bloemendal J. (2013). Aeolian beach ridges and their significance for climate and sea level: Concept and insight from the Levant coast (East Mediterranean). Earth Science Reviews 121, 31-54.
Roskin J., Katra I., Porat N. and Zilberman E. (2013). Evolution of Middle to Late Pleistocene Sandy Calcareous Palaeosols underlying the northwestern Negev Desert Dunefield (Israel). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 387, 134–152.
Kalbe J., Sharon G., Porat N., Zhang C. and Mischke S. (2014). Geological Setting of the Middle Paleolithic Site of NMO (Upper Jordan Valley, Israel). Quaternary International 331, 139-148.
Zaidner Y., Frumkin A., Porat N., Tsaskin A., Yeshurun R. and Weissbrod L. (2014).  A series of Mousterian occupations in a new type of site: the Nesher Ramle karst depression, Israel. Journal of Human Evolution 66, 1-17.
Roskin J., Katra I., Agha N., Goring-Morris N., Porat N. and Barzilai O. (2014). Rapid anthropogenic response to short-term aeolian-fluvial palaeoenvironmental changes during the Late PleistoceneeHolocene transition in the northern Negev Desert, Israel. Quaternary Science Reviews 99, 176-192.
Mushkin A., Sagy A., Trabelci E., Amit R. and Porat N. (2014). Measuring the time and scale-dependency of subaerial rock weathering rates over geologic time scales with ground-based lidar. Geology 42, 1063-1066.


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