Rosensaft Marcelo


Name: Marcelo Rosensaft


Tel: 02-5314258
Mobile: 0506234531





Senior researcher
In charge of the GIS unit




Research interests:


  • Use of GIS systems in geology projects.
  • Development of applications for automation of processes involving maps and geographical databases.
  • Development of the methodology and applications for the creation and analysis of 3D geological databases for geology and hydrology projects.
  • Design of complex geographical databases.



Main projects and grants:

  •  Development of a system for the inclusion, examination, database creation, printing and saving of thematic maps; main use with the geological map of Israel.
  • Author of the Geological Map of Israel, scale 1:200,000.
  • Analysis of the 3D geometry of the eastern aquifer of the Galilee region.
                                                                                                            Key publications




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