Sagy Amir


Name: Amir Sagy


Tel: 02-5314279
Mobile: 050-6235802 







Head, Geological hazards and geological engineering Division




Research interests:

  • Evolution of faults structures.
  • Dynamic fracturing of rocks.
  • Methods development in analytical and isotopic geochemistry.
  • Dead Sea tectonics.







  :Key publications


Laronne Ben-Itzhak, L., Aharonov, E., Toussaint, R. and Sagy A., 2012, Upper bound on stylolite roughness as indicator for amount of dissolution. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 337, 186–196
Sagy, A. and Korngreen D., 2012, Dynamic branched fractures in pulverized rocks from a deep borehole, Geology, 10.1130/G33194.1.
Siman-Tov, S., Aharonov, E., Sagy, A., and Emmanuel, S., 2013, Nano-Grains Form Carbonate “Fault Mirrors”, Geology, 41, 703–706, doi:10.1130/G34087.1.
Boneh, Y., Sagy, A. and Reches, Z., 2013, Frictional strength and wear-rate of carbonate faults during high-velocity, steady-state sliding, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 381, 127–137.
Lyakhovsky, V., Sagy, A., Boneh, Y., and Reches, Z., 2014, Fault wear by damage evolution in a three-body slip mode. Pure Applied Geophysics, 171, 3143–3157.
Davidesko, G.  Sagy, A., Hatzor Y. H., 2014, Evolution of slip surface roughness through shear, Geophys. Res. Lett., DOI: 10.1002/2013GL058913.
Wetzler, N., Sagy, A., Marco, S., 2014, The association of micro-earthquake clusters with mapped faults in the Dead Sea Basin, J. Geophys. Res., Solid Earth 119, no. 11 (2014): 8312-8330.
Mushkin, A., Sagy, A., Trabelci, E., Amit, R., and Porat, N., 2014, Measuring time and scale-dependency in subaerial rock weathering rates over geologic timescales with ground-based LiDAR, Geology, 42(12), 1063-1066.
Wetzler, N., Sagy, A., Sagy, Y., Nachmias, Y and  Lyakhovsky, V., 2015, Strain partitioning along an active pull apart edge: An example from the north Dead Sea Basin, Tectonics, 34(7), 1475-1493.
Badt, N., Hatzor, Y. H., Toussaint, R. and Sagy, A. 2015, Geometrical evolution of interlocked rough slip-surfaces: The role of normal stress, EPSL Submitted.

Sagy, A. and Hamiel, Y., (2016). Three-dimensional structure and evolution of an asymmetric pull-apart basin, Int. J. Earth. Sci., DOI: 10.1007/s00531-016-1374-4.
Tesei, T., Carpenter B M. Giorgetti C, Scuderi M, M. Sagy, A., Scarlato,P., Collettini, C., (2017). Friction and scale-dependent deformation processes of large experimental limestone faults, J. Struct. Geol. In press. 10.1016/j.jsg.2017.05.008.

Sagy, A., Tesei, T., Collettini, C., (2017), Fault-surface geometry controlled by faulting mechanisms: experimental observations in limestone faults, Geology, in press.

Beyth, M., Sagy, A., Hajazi, H., Alkhraisha, S., Mushkin, A., Ginat, H., (2017) New evidences on the accurate displacement along the Arava/Araba fault segment of the Dead Sea Transform, Int. J. Earth. Sci., submitted.


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