Shalev Eyal

Name: Eyal Shalev


Tel: 02-5314230
Mobile: 050-6234890



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Senior researcher
Head, Department of Water and Natural Resources




Research interests:

  • Hydrofracturing.
  • groundwater hydrology.
  • damage deformation.
  • solute and heat transport.



Main projects and grants:

  • Subsidence and Sinkhole Formation (funded by ISF).
  • Groundwater response to earthquakes.
  • Hydro-Chemo-Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Carbonate Rocks (funded by BSF).



  : Key publications


Shalev, E., and Lyakhovsky, V., Viscoelastic damage modeling of sinkholes formation, J. struct. Geol. 42, 163-170, 2012
Roded, R., Shalev, E., Katoshevski, D., Basal heat-flow and hydrothermal regime at the Golan–Ajloun hydrological basins,  J. Hydrol., 476, 200-211, 2013
Shalev, E., Lyakhovsky, V., Weinstein, Y., and Ben-Avraham, Z., The thermal structure of Israel and the Dead Sea Fault, Tectonophys., in press, 2013
Kafri, U., Shalev, E., Lyakhovsky, V., Wollman, S., and Yechieli, Y., Numerical Modeling of Seawater Intrusion into Endorheic Hydrological Systems, : Hydrogeology J., 21, 1001-1010, 2013
Shalev, E., and Lyakhovsky, V., Modeling Reservoir Stimulation induced by wellbore fluid injection, Proceedings of the thirty-eighth workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering, Stanford University, 2013
Shalev, E., and Lyakhovsky, V., The processes controlling damage zone propagation induced by wellbore fluid injection, Geophys. J. Int., 2013
Levanon, E., Yechieli, Y., Shalev, E., Friedman, V., and Gvirtzman, H., Reliable Monitoring of the Transition Zone between Fresh and Saline Waters in Coastal Aquifers, Groundwater Monitor. Remed., , 33, 101-110, 2013
Amir, , N., Kafri, U., Herut, B., and Shalev, E., Numerical Simulation of Submarine Groundwater Flow in the Coastal Aquifer at the Palmahim Area, the Mediterranean Coast of Israel, Water Resours. Man., 27, 4005-4020, 2013
Shalev, E., Calo, M., and Lyakhovsky, V., Formation of damage zone and seismic velocity variations during hydraulic stimulation: numerical modeling and field observations, Geophys. J. Int., 195, 1023-1033.
Gabay, R., Shalev, E., Yechieli, Y., Sagy, A., and Weisbrod, N., The permeability of fault zones: A case study from the Dead Sea rift, Hydrogeology J.,22, 425-440, 2014
Shalev, E., Lyakhovsky, V.,; Ougier-Simonin, A., Hamiel, Y., Zhu, W., Inelastic compaction, dilation and hysteresis of sandstones under hydrostatic conditions, Geophys. J. Int., 197, 920-925, 2014.

Lyakhovsky, V., Zhu, W., and Shalev, E. 2015. Visco-poroelastic damage model for brittle-ductile failure of porous rocks. J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 120, doi:10.1002/2014JB011805

Shalev, E., Kurzon, I., Doan, M.-L., and Lyakhovsky, V. 2016. Water-level oscillations caused by volumetric and deviatoric dynamic strains. Geophys. J. Int. 204, 841-851. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggv483



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Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals:


1996 B.Sc. in Geology  at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1999 M.Sc. in Geology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title of thesis: Paleohydrological modeling of brine, oil and gas migration at the Dead Sea Rift
2004 Ph.D. in Hydrogeology and Geophysics at Johns Hopkins University
Title of thesis: Applications of poroelasticity theory and finite element modeling to seismically-induced flow in thrust fault environments.

2013 Sabbatical leave at University of Maryland Research subject: permeability – damage coupling




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