Stein Mordechai


Name: Mordechai Stein


Tel: 02-5314296

Mobile: 050-6235798







Senior Researcher




Research interests:

  • Quaternary Geology: climate and seismicity.
  • Radiogenic isotope geochemistry.
  • Evolution of lacustrine water-bodies in the Dead Sea Rift.
  • Sea-level and coastal tectonics from coral reefs.
  • Evolution of the continental lithosphere and crust in the Arabian-Nubian Shield



Main projects and grants:

  • Dead Sea deep drill project (related grants: BSF; ,Trilateral (DFG) Paleox project).
  • Trilateral  (DFG)  TRION project.
  • Aqaba coral reefs (ISF). 

  : Key publications 



Stein M., Torfstein A., Gavrieli I. and Yechieli Y. (2010) Abrupt aridities and salt deposition in the post-glacial Dead Sea and its north Atlantic connection. Quaternary Science Reviews 29, 567-575.
Waldmann N., Torfstein A. Stein M. (2010) Northward intrusions of low- and mid-latitude storms across the Saharo-Arabian belt during past interglacials. Geology, 38:567-570.
Kushnir Y. and Stein M., (2010). North Atlantic influence on 19-20th century rainfall in the Dead Sea watershed, teleconnections with the Sahel, and implication for Holocene climate fluctuations. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 3843-3860.
Kagan E., Stein M., Agnon A. Nuemann F. (2011). Intrabasin paleoearthquakes and quiescence correlation of the late Holocene Dead Sea. J. Geophys. Res. 116, B04311.
Stein M. (2011). Paleo-earthquakes chronometry in the late Quaternary Dead Sea. Isr. Jr. Earth  Sci., 58, 264-282.
Belmaker, R., B. Lazar, M. Stein , and J. Beer (2011). Short residence time and fast transport of fine detritus in the Judean Desert: Clues from 7Be in settled dust Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L16714, doi:10.1029/2011GL048672.
Lazar B. and Stein M. (2011) Freshwater on the route of hominids out of Africa revealed by U-Th in Red Sea  Corals. Geology. 39, 1067-1070.
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Haliva-Cohen A., Stein M., Goldstein S.L., Sandler A., and Starinsky A., (2012)
Sources and transport routes of fine detritus material to the late Quaternary Dead Sea basin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 49: 55-70.
Torfstein A., Goldstein SL, Enzel Y. and Stein M., (2013). Impacts of Abrupt Climate Changes in the Levant from last glacial Dead Sea levels. Quaternary Science Reviews, 69, 1-7.
Stein M. , Lazar B. and Goldstein SL (2013) Radiocarbon reservoir ages as freshwater-brine monitors in Lake Lisan - Dead Sea system Proceedings of the 21st International Radiocarbon Conference edited by A J T Jull & C Hatté, Radiocarbon, 55, Nr 3–4.
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Palchan D., Stein M., Almogi-Labin A., Erel Y. Goldstein SL (2013) Dust transport and synoptic conditions over  –Arabia deserts during the MIS6/5 and 2/1 transitions from grain-size, chemical and isotopic properties of Red Sea cores. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 382, 125–139.

Goldsmith Y., Stein M. , Enzel Y. (2014) From dust to varnish: Geochemical constraints on rock varnish formation in the Negev Desert, Israel. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 126, 97–111
Lev L., Almogi-Labin A., Mischke S., Ito E., Ben-Avraham Z., Stein M. (2014) Paleohydrology of Lake Kinneret during the Heinrich event H2. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 396, 183–193.
Lazar B., Sivan O., Yechieli Y. Gavrieli I., Levy E., Stein M. (2014) Long-term freshening of the Dead Sea brine revealed by porewater Cl- and 18O in ICDP Dead Sea deep-drill. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 400
Belmaker R., Stein M, Beer J, Christl M., Tepelyakov N., Lazar B. (2014). Beryllium isotopes as tracers of Dead Sea hydrology and the Laschmap geomagnetic excursion Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 400, 233–242.
Torfstein A., Goldstein, SL, Kushnir Y., Enzel Y, Haug G., Stein M. (2015) Dead Sea drawdown and monsoonal impacts in the Levant during the last interglacial. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 412, 235–244.





Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals :


Adjunct Professor at the Hebrew University
Sabbaticals; Columbia University, New York




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Significant awards:


R. Freund medal of the Geological Society of Israel





Contribution to science community:  


Membership in Geochemical Society

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