Teutsch Nadya

Name: Nadya Teutsch

Email: nadya.teutsch@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314201
Mobile: 054-4932701







Head, Geochemistry and Environmental Geology Division

In charge of coal ash monitoring and research.

Development and implementation of analytical methods using ICP instruments.




Research interests:

  • Metal contamination in the environment.
  • Environmental aspects of coal fly ash utilization.
  • Methods development in analytical and isotopic geochemistry.
  • Iron isotope composition in sapropels.



Main projects and grants:

  • Environmental Assessment of Agricultural Use of Fly Ash using the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF).
  • High Resolution Iron Speciation and Transition Metal Isotope Study of Late Pleistocene Sapropels.



  :Key publications


Teutsch N. , Schmid M., Müller B., Halliday A.N., Wehrli B. (2009).

Large iron isotope fractionation at the oxic-anoxic boundary in Lake Nyos.

Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 285: 52-60.

Sandler, A., Teutsch, N. , Avigad, D. (2012). Sub-Cambrian pedogenesis recorded in weathering profiles of the Arabian-

Nubian Shield

Sedimentology 59: 1305-1320.

Azrieli I., Matthews A., Bar-Matthews M., Almogi-Labin A., Vance D., Archer C., and Teutsch N. (2014).

Evidence from molybdenum and iron isotopes and molybdenum-uranium covariation for sulphide bottom waters during Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel S1


Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 393: 231-242.

Lieberman, R., Teutsch, N. , Cohen, H. (2014).

Chemical and surface transformations of bituminous coal fly ash used in Israel following treatments with acidic and neutral aqueous solutions.

Energy && Fuels 28: 4657-4665.

Zohar I., Bookman R., Levin N., de-Stigter, and H. Teutsch N.(2014) .

Contamination history of lead and other trace metals reconstructed from an urban winter pond in the Eastern Mediterranean Coast (Israel).

Env. Sci. Tech. 48: 13592−13600.


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