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Name: Anton Vaks


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Isotopic geochemistry and paleoclimate




Research interests:

  • Desertification and global climate change.
  • Paleoclimate of cold and permafrost regions.
  • Uranium-series geochronology.
  • Lithium isotopes as a proxy for chemical weathering rates.



Main projects and grants:


  • Reconstruction of weathering regime in northern Negev Desert during the last 200,000 years from lithium isotopic composition of carbonate nodules in loess sequences.
  • Calcite U-series chronology constraints on the timing of faults activity and uplift history: example from the Dead Sea Fault Zone.
  • Determination of surface denudation rates in sub-humid Mediterranean climate from chronology of tufa deposits in notches of Mount Carmel.



  :Key publications


Vaks, A., Gutareva, O. S., Breitenbach, S. F. M. Avirmed, E., Mason, A. J., Thomas, A. L., Osinzev, A. V., Kononov, A. M., Henderson, G. M. (2013) Speleothems Reveal 500,000-Year History of Siberian Permafrost., Science, 340, 6129, pp. 183-186.
Mason, A. J., Henderson, G. M. and Vaks, A., (2013) An acetic acid-based extraction protocol for the recovery of U, Th and Pb from calcium carbonates for U-(Th)-Pb geochronology., Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 37, 3, pp. 261-275.
Vaks, A., Woodhead, J., Bar-Matthews, M., Ayalon, A., Cliff, R.A., Zilberman, T.,  Matthews, A., Frumkin, A. (2013) Pliocene–Pleistocene climate of the northern margin of Saharan–Arabian Desert recorded in speleothems from the Negev Desert, Israel., Earth and Planetary Science Letters 368, 88–100.
Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Matthews, A., Ayalon, A., Frumkin, A., (2010) Middle-Late Quaternary paleoclimate of northern margins of the Saharan-Arabian Desert: reconstruction from speleothems of Negev Desert, Israel, Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 19-20, 2647-2662.
Lisker, S., Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Porat, R., Frumkin, A., (2010) Late Pleistocene palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Dead Sea area (Israel), based on speleothems and cave stromatolites, Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 9-10, 1201-1211.
Older key publications:
Lisker, S., Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Porat, R., Frumkin, A. (2009) Stromatolites in caves of the Dead Sea Fault Escarpment: Implications to latest Pleistocene lake levels and tectonic subsidence, Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, 1-2, 80-92.
Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Ayalon, A., Matthews, A., Halicz, L., Frumkin, A. (2007) Desert speleothems reveal climatic window for African exodus of early modern humans, Geology, 35, 9, 831-834.
Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, M., Ayalon, A., Matthews, A., Frumkin, A., Dayan, U., Halicz, L., Almogi-Labin, A. and Schilman, B., (2006) Paleoclimate and location of the border between Mediterraneanclimate region and the Saharo-Arabian Desert as revealed by speleothems from the northern Negev Desert, Israel., Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 249, 3-4, 384-399.
Vaks, A., Bar-Matthews, Ayalon., A., Schilman, B., M., Gilmour, M., Hawkesworth, C. J., Frumkin, A., Kaufman, A., Matthews, A. (2003), Paleoclimate reconstruction based on the timing of speleothem growth, oxygen and carbon isotope composition from a cave located in the “rain shadow”, Israel., Quaternary Research, 59, 2, pp 182-193.


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Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals:

Postdoctoral research:
05/11/2007-31/01/2015 – Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
Major theme: Siberian and Mongolian paleoclimate and reconstruction of permafrost history using timing of speleothems’ growth.
PhD: Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (2008)
Title of Thesis: Quaternary paleoclimate of the north-eastern boundary of the Saharan Desert: reconstruction from speleothems of Negev Desert, Israel






 :Membership in public committees







Membership in international organizations:


American Geophysical Union, European Association of Geochemistry, Israeli Geological Society. 






Significant awards:


2013-2015 – Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) standard grant NE/K005057/1 - Reconstruction of Pliocene-Middle Pleistocene evolution of Siberian permafrost using U-Pb dating of speleothems;
2009-2012 – Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) fellowship NE/G013829/1 - Asian paleoclimate reconstruction from Siberian and Mongolian speleothems;
2005 – Wolf Foundation Award to Ph. D. students;
2004 – Research Scholarship from Hebrew University Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Environmental Research;
2003 – Perez & Grader Award from Israel Geological Society;
2000 – Award from South African Women Foundation.


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