Weinberger Ram



Name: Ram Weinberger

Email: rami.weinberger@gsi.gov.il

Tel: 02-5314273
Mobile: 050-6236019


Personal website: https://ramiwein.wixsite.com/website





Senior researcher

In charge of the rock magnetism laboratory 




Research interests:

  • Fracture mechanics of brittle media.
  • Tectonics of the Dead Sea Fault.
  • Magnetic AMS applications.
  • Salt tectonics.




Main projects and grants:

  • The strain field along plate-bounding faults detected by AMS of diamagnetic rocks (Funded by the ISF).
  • Neotectonics of the Dead Sea Transform based on strain analysis and U-Th dating of syntectonic calcite (Funded by the BSF).


Key publications



Weinberger, R., Eyal, Y., and Mortimer, N. (2010). Formation of systematic joints in metamorphic rocks due to release of residual elastic strain energy, Otago Schist, New Zealand. J. Struct. Geol., 32, 288-305.

Shaanan, U., Porat, N., Navon, O., Weinberger, R., and Weinstein, Y. (2010). OSL dating of a Pleistocene maar: Birket Ram, the Golan Height. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 201, 397-403.

Weinberger, R., Schattner, U., Medvedev, B., Frieslander, U., Sneh, A., Harlavan, Y. and Gross, M.R. (2010). Convergent strike-slip across the Dead Sea Fault in northern Israel imaged by high-resolution seismic reflection data. Isr. J. Earth Sci., 58, 203-216.

Levi, T., Weinberger, R. (2011). Magnetic fabrics of diamagnetic rocks and the strain field associated with the Dead Sea fault, northern Israel. J. Struct. Geol., 33, 566-578.

Nuriel, P., Weinberger, R., Rosenbaum, G., Golding, S.D., Zhao, J., Uysal, T.I., Bar-Matthews, M., and Gross, M.R. (2012). Timing and mechanism of late-Pleistocene calcite vein formation across the Dead Sea Fault Zone northern Israel. J. Struct. Geol.,36, 43-54, doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2011.12.010.

Nuriel, P., Rosenbaum, G., Zhao, J., Golding, S.D., Feng, Y., Villemant, B., and Weinberger, R. (2012). U-Th dating of striated fault planes. Geology, 40, 647-650.

Weinstein, Y., Weinberger, R., and Calvert, A. (2013). The impact of drainage system dynamics on Late Pleistocene volcanic activity based on high resolution 40Ar/39Ar dating from the northern Golan. Bull. Volcan., 75:712.

Levi, T., Weinberger, R., and Marco, S. (2014). Magnetic fabrics induced by dynamic faulting reveal damage zone sizes in soft rocks, Dead Sea basin.
Geophys. J. Int. 199:1214-1229.

Weinberger, R. (2014). Pleistocene strain partitioning during transpression along the Dead Sea Transform, Metulla Saddle, northern Israel. In: Dead Sea Transform Fault System: Reviews (Garfunkel, G., Ben-Avraham, Z., Kagan, E., eds.), Chapter 6, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.

Alsop, I., Weinberger, R., Levi, T., Marco, S. (2015). Deformation within an exposed salt wall: Recumbent folding and extrusion of evaporites in the Dead Sea Basin. J. Struct. Geol., 7:95-118.



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