Zilberman Ezra


Name: Ezra Zilberman

Email: ezra.zilberman@gsi.Gov.il

Tel: 02-5314268
Mobile: 052-3209169 





Emeritus,Senior researcher



Research interests:

  • Geomorphology.
  • Paleoseismology.
  • Geological Mapping.
  • Neogene geology and landscape evolution.





Main projects and grants:

  • The Neogene in Israel-stratigraphy, chronology and paleogeography.
  • Geological mapping of Be'er Sheva Sheet 1:50.000.
  • Seismic hazards imposed by Or Aqiva Fault.




  :Key publications


Zilberman, E., Eidelman, A., Avni, Y., Ginat H., 2011a.The Geology and Landscape Evolution of the Negev Region. Publisher: Israel Natures and Parks Authority Press, 220 pp. (in Hebrew).
Zilberman, E., Greenbaum, N., Nahmias, Y. Porat, N., 2011b.The evolution of the Northern Shutter Ridge, Mt. Carmel and its implications on the tectonic activity along the Yagur fault.Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/14/2011, 24 pp.
Zilberman, E., Ron, H., Ron, S., 2011c. Evaluating the potential seismic hazards of the Ahihud Ridge fault system by paleomagnetic and morphological analyses of calcretes. Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/15/2011, 33 pp.
Zilberman, E., 2013a.The Plio-Pleistocene tectonic history of the Modi'in fault and its implications on the seismic hazard assessment for the Modi'in area.Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/06/2013, 32 pp. (In Hebrew, Eng. Abst.)
Bar, O.S, Gvirtzman, Z., Feinstein, S., Zilberman, E. (2013b).Accelerated subsidence and sedimentation in the Levant Basin during the Late Tertiary and concurrent uplift of the Arabian Platform: Tectonic versus counteracting sedimentary loading effects.Tectonics , 32: 1–17.
Zilberman, E., Calvo, R. (2013c). Remnants of Miocene fluvial sediments in the Negev Desert, Israel, and the Jordanian Plateau: Evidence for an extensive subsiding basin in the northwestern margins of the Arabian plate. Journal of African Earth Science 82: 33-53.
Bar, O., and Zilberman, E., 2014, Geomorphologic and Geophysical survey for identification of young tectonic activity along the eastern boundary of the Coastal Plain, as a basis for seismic hazards assessment in central Israel. Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/29/2014, 33 pp (In Hebrew, Eng. Abst.).


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