Shirav - Schwartz Moshe

Name: Moshe Shirav - Schwartz







Emeritus, senior researcher




Research interests:

  • Economic Geology.
  • Oil Shales (resource appraisal and geochemistry).
  • Natural Radiation and Radon.
  • Environmental Geochemistry.
  • Medical Geology.



Main projects and grants:

  • National Geochemical Survey (Galilee)
    Geological Mapping;  Nazareth Illit Sheet 1:50000.



  : Key publications


   Shirav-Schwartz M. and Haquin G. 2009. Natural Terrestrial Dose-Rate and Indoor Radon Mapping in Israel, Int. Atomic Energy Agency collection, A2  Shirav-Schwartz M., Ilani S., Halicz L., Yoffe O., Zick, A., Rottenberg Y., 2010 ; Geochemistry of Stream Sediments and Soils in the Western Galilee- Carmel Area – a Contribution to The Understanding of Cancer incidence. Urban Geochem. Symp.  Boston USATeutsch, N., Harlavan, Y., Zakon, Y., Shirav, M., Ilani, S. and Halicz, L.; 2013 The potential use of Pb and Zn isotopes in studying metropolitan street dust (Haifa, Israel ) "EnvironMetal Isotopes" conference (EMI2013), Ascona, Switzerland 

Shirav-Schwartz M., Ilani S., Halicz L., Yoffe O., 2009. Geochemistry of Stream Sediments and Soils in the Western Galilee- Carmel Area (in Hebrew), GSI Report No. GSI/31/2009

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Degrees, Post-docs, Sabbaticals :


B.Sc., Geology, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
M.Sc., Geology, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.  Title of thesis:  "The geology of the Wadi        el-Quseib area, Gulf of Elat".
D.Sc., Environmental Engineering, The Technion, Haifa. Title of thesis:  "The pathway of some major and trace elements during fluidized bed combustion of Israeli oil shale   -a contribution to the understanding of their availability to the environment".

1978:  DAAD grant for oil shale research at the Federal Geological Survey, Hannover, West Germany.
1985-6: Sabbatical leave at the Kentucky Center for Energy Research Laboratory, Lexington, KY, USA.  Main research activity: a study of elemental release characteristics of Eastern USA oil shale and coal. US DOE project.
1992: Short sabbatical leave at the Kentucky Energy Center, with the Waste Management Group, Lexington, Kentucky. Research subject: coal ash disposal. 
2002: Short sabbatical leave at UPMC –Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris. Research subject: environmental radon.
2009-11: Sabbatical leave at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University           and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Haifa.


Positions held
1968-71: Research and teaching assistant, department of Geology, the Hebrew
       University, Jerusalem.
1971-75: Research scientist, Geological Survey of Israel.
1975-2012: Senior Research scientist, Geological Survey of Israel. 
1981-85: Deputy Director, Geological Survey of Israel.
1988-91: Deputy Director, Geological Survey of Israel.
1996-99: Head,  Mineral and Energy Resources Division,  Geological Survey of Israel
1998 President- Israeli Geological Society




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Contribution to science community:   


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