"Tru'a" is the project of developing an Earthquake Early Warning Systems for the state of Israel

In 2012, the government of Israel decided on promoting and establishing an Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) for the State of Israel, and the Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) was appointed to take the lead and advance this project. Following this governmental decision, the GSI appointed an International Committee of Seismologists and EEWS specialists, in order to examine and advise on the steps that should be taken in order to accomplish this task. The committee consisted of three EEWS international specialists, and five Israeli researchers in the fields of geophysics and seismology, specializing in the study of earthquakes. The committee recommended on the integration of two main EEWS approaches: a network P-wave based EEWS, and threshold acceleration S-wave based EEWS. Once the deployment of the EEWS will be completed it shall provide a reliable and focused alarm to the citizens of Israel. The EEWS will combine the international knowledge in seismology, and the local experience of the Division of Seismology at the Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII), which will join the GSI in the nearby future.


The EEWS will be based on more than 65 new seismological stations as well as 55 existing stations that will be upgraded to the high quality level of the new stations. The network is planned to reach a total of 132 stations, of which 20% will consist of both a broadband seismometer and a strong motion accelerometer, distributed with 30 km spacing. The remaining 80% will have only strong motion accelerometers, in 5-10 km spacing, located mainly along the Dead Sea Fault (DSF) and the Carmel Fault System (CFS). Two Data-hubs will be deployed, a main and a backup, one at the GSI and the other at the GII, and in both, acquisition and automatic processing will take place, in order to achieve efficient real-time seismology, and EEWS capabilities.

The System will be constructed in several stages: Stage 1 – Establishing a new real-time seismic network for the state of Israel, consisting of new and upgraded stations; Stage 2 – Running the network for a minimum of 2 years, while testing EEWS algorithms and modules, in order to achieve capabilities of earthquake early warning; Stage 3 – Once EEWS has been examined and improved, reaching the international standards of minimal false alarms and minimum missed events, the network will be connected to the national alarm system of the civil defense, and provide EEWS for people of Israel.



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