Selected recent Pulications

A new article by Dr. Amit Segev, Dr. Yoav Avni and Jacob Shahar from the GSI, and Dr. Reli Wald from Israel Chemicals Ltd, was published in "Earth-Science Reviews".

The article deals with the evolution of the Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea Transform with emphasis on the Late Oligocene and Miocene different seaways to these rifts.
Until August the article can be freely downloaded in the link.

A new paper in Geology by Perach Nuriel, Ram Weinberger and co-authors discusses the onset and evolution of the Dead Sea Transform based on syntectonic

A new article on Neanderthal remains found in northern Israel was published in Nature Scientific Reports. The sediment units containing the remains were dated by Dr. Naomi Porat from the GSI

new method for ground magnetic measurements

On 25.4.2017, an article by Dr. Uri Schattner (University of Haifa) was published in AGU newspaper EOS, about a joint magnetic study with the Geological Survey of Israel researchers Dr. Vladimir Lechovsky, Dr. Amit Segev and Dr. Michael Rybakov. The team developed a new method for ground magnetic measurements, using a mountain bike. The new method is up to 10 times more efficient than traditional measurements. To-date the team measured an are of 3000 km^2. The project aims at mapping subsurface magnetic bodies (mostly basaltic), and deducing the location of subsurface faulting.
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