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Evaluation of  Rockfall Hazard to Qiriat Shemona –
Possible Correlation to Earthquakes

Author: Mor Kanari
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/24/2008

GSI-24-2008  Report or Abstract


Ecological Trends Across A Human-Impact Organic Load Gradient
Along the Mediterranean Shore: Benthic Macrofaunal Evidence 

Author:  Yael Edelman-Furstenberg
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/23/2008

GSI-23-2008        Report or Abstract


Late Quaternary Palynological sequences from the
Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Author: Langgut Dafna
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/16/2008

GSI/16/2008   Abstract

Processes that affect the isotopic concentration of carbon in the
unsaturated zone: implications for improved dating of groundwater
with 14C

Author: Israel Carmi
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/15/2008

GSI/15/2008  Report or Abstract


Quaternary paleoclimate of the north-eastern boundary of the
Saharan Desert: reconstruction from speleothems
of Negev Desert, Israel

Author: Vaks Anton
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/14/2008

GSI/14/2008    Report or Abstract


Tracer test in Gaaton and Kabri Springs

Authors:   Einat Magal, Yuval Arbel, Sarit Caspi, Yoram Katz,
Hilel Glazman, Noam Greenbaum, Yoseph Yechieli
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/10/2008

GSI/10/2008   Abstract


Monitoring Coal Ash Variations in the National Road No. 2
(Jisr-ez-Zarqa) Road Interchange Embankments

Authors: Yoetz Deutsch, Olga Yoffe and Galit Sharabi
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/18/2007

GSI/18/2007   Abstract


Identification of the sources of nitrate contamination in the
Western Galilee aquifers, northern Israel, using a multi-proxy
stable isotope and chemical approach

Authors:  B. Schilman, N. Teplyakov, I. Gavrieli, Y. Guttman
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/17/2007

 GSI/17/2007     Report or Abstract    


Description and Benchmarking of the 1D Multi-Component
Chemistry-Based Model for the Dead Sea (1D-DS-POM)

Authors: Ittai Gavrieli, Yona Dvorkin,
              Nadav G. Lenski, Vladimir Lyakhovsky
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/15/2007

GSI/15/2007    Report  or  Abstract   


The middle to Late-Pleistocene sand sheet sequence
of Kerem Shalom, western Negev – an archive of coastal
sand incursion

Authors: Ezra Zilberman, Naomi Porat, Roskin Joel
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/13/2007

GSI/13/2007      Report  or Abstract


Geotechnical and Hydrogeological concerns in developing
the infrastructure around Jerusalem

Authors: Yaakov Arkin and Amos Ecker
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/12/2007

GSI/12/2007        Abstract 


Tracer Test in Ein Ziv

Authors: Einat Magal, Yuval Arbel, Sarit Kaspi, Yoram Katz,
               Hilel Glazman, Yoseph Yechieli, Noam Greenbaum
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/10/2007

GSI/10/2007     Abstract


Recent And Late Pleistocene Carbonate Rich Sediments
in the  Mediterranean Shelf of Israel: Sedimentary,
 Biogenic and Genetic Analysis

Author: Shahar Lazar
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/08/2007

GSI/08/2007      Abstract         


The Response of the Lower Nahal Zin to Base Level Changes
and to the Local Bathymetry of Lake Lisan in the Late Pleistocene
and Holocene and Landscape Evolution of the Northern Arava

 Author:  Michael Davis
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/07/2007

GSI/07/2007      Abstract     


The effect of the Dead Sea level drop on the groundwater
system in the alluvial aquifer in its vicinity

Author: Yael Kiro
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/05/2007

GSI/05/2007 Abstract


Middle Pleistocene to Holocene Tectonic Activity along
the Carmel Fault-Preliminary Results of a Paleoseismic Study

Authors: Ezra Zilberman,Noam Greenbaum,Yoav Nahmias,
               Naomi Porat,Lana Ashqar
Isr. Geol. Surv.Rep. GSI/02/07, 40 p

GSI_02_2007   Report or Abstract


The Dead Sea Basin - Assessment of Current Situation and
Prospects for the Future Under Continued Dead Sea
Water-Level Decline

Authors: Geological Survey of Israel
              The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies
              Ministry of the Environment
Report GSI/2006 Jerusalem, 2006
Submitted to the Government of Israel, The  Steering  Committe

Assessment of Current Situation and 
Prospects for the Future Under Continued Dead Sea 


Earthquake-induced injection structures in the Lisan Formation,
Dead Sea rift

Author: Tsafrir Levi, Ram Weinberger, Tahar Aifa,
             Yehuda Eyal, Shmuel Marco
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/31/2006


 GSI/31/2006  Report or Abstract  


Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) measurements
of recent crustal movements along the Carmel Fault

Author: Ran Nof (Novitsky), Gideon Baer, Yehuda Eyal
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/27/2006

GSI/27/2006  Abstract           


The Levant Basin Offshore Israel: Stratigraphy,Structure, Tectonic Evolution and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Authors: Michael Gardosh, Yehezkel Druckman
              Binyamin Buchbinder, Michael Rybakov
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/14/2006, 121 p


   GSI-14-2006  Abstract               


Tidal and Seasonal Variations of the Fresh-Saline  Water Interface and Water level in the Coastal  Aquifer of Israel

Author:  Ariel Lazar
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/04/2006, 95p

GSI-04-2006Report or Abstract   

Evidence for Tertiary faulting in the Sharon region, Israel in light of new biostratigraphic data

Authors:  Zohar Gvirtzman, Rimona Siman-Tov, Ran Calvo
                 Lydia Grossowicz, Ahuva Almogi-Labin
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/18/2005, 51p

     Report or Abstract

Prehistoric Seismic Basin Effects in the Dead Sea Pull-apart

Authors:  Z.B. Begin, J.N. Louie, S. Marco, Z. Ben-Avraham
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/04/2005, 38p

 GSI-04-2005   Report or Abstract  


Seismically induced ground effects of the February 11, 2004
ml = 5.2 northeastern Dead Sea earthquake

Author: Salamon, A.
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/30/2004, 25 p.

GSI-30-2004  Report or Abstract    


Rainfall Isotopic Characteristics at Various Sites in Israel and the
Relationships with Unsaturated Zone Water

Authors: Avner Ayalon, Miryam Bar-Mathews, Bettina Shilman
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/16/2004, 37 p

GSI/16/2004  Report or  Abstract  


Neotectonic and paleoseismic study – Bet Shean Valley.

Authors: Zilberman, E., Amit, R., Bruner, I. and Nachmias, Y
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/15/2004, 37 p.

GSI/15/2004 Report or Abstract     


Classification and mapping of potential levels for sinkhole development along the Dead Sea coast

Authors:  Meir Abelson, Yoseph Yechieli, Amos Bein, Vladimir Shtivelman,
               Onn Crouvi, Ran Calvo, Josh Steinberg, Gideon Baer, Daniel Wachs
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/13/2004, 27 p.

GSI-13-2004  Abstract


Simulation of tsunamis and lake seiches for the Late
Pleistocene  Lake Lisan and the Dead Sea

Authors: Begin, Z.B. and Ichinose, G.A
Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep. GSI/7/2004, 50 p.

GSI/7/2004 Report  or  Abstract 












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